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"Never go in against a Sicilian when your home is on the line."
- The Princess Bride
Painted Concrete

To be honest, I’m not sure. Not off the top of my head anyway.


To be truly accurate and offer you a fair market value, many factors will come into play such as age of the home, location, size, and functional obsolescence (one of our many vocabulary words!) 

At a time that works for both of us, I would like to come to your home and run a full analysis. I’ll ask questions about the age of the home, the roof, the mechanics, etc. (ball-park figures are OK!) and after our meeting, I will provide you with a thorough analysis. Our meeting will last roughly an hour and you can expect the no-obligation report back within 24 hours. NOTE: during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual tours and meetings are also available.

Grey House
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